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Meet Dr. Bryan E. Hufstader

Dr. Hufstader's mission is to educate and support as many individuals and families as he can to achieve their God-Given health potential through natural chiropractic care. Since he opened his practice in Elmwood in 2008, he has helped thousands of people in southeast Nebraska to realize more robust health. Dr. Hufstader provides leading chiropractic care to the following communities : Elmwood, Eagle, Murdock, Avoca, Louisville, Murray, Weeping Water, and Syracuse!

Elmwood Chiropractic Services

Here at Lifetime Wellness Clinic of Chiropractic, P.C., we have many different services to fit your specific needs. Whether you are experiencing back pain, feeling out of alignment, or are just looking to improve your health, we can help.

We Always Welcome New Patients

Here at Lifetime Wellness Clinic of Chiropractic, P.C., we love seeing patients! Whether you find us though a friend or online, we always welcome new faces.

We Love Our Patients!

Patient Testimonials

Our patients are just like you. Before their neck or back pain set in, they were active, happy individuals who enjoyed spending time with family and friends. And similar to you, they were afraid of what the true cause of their back pain was and wondered if it really was possible for them to feel better again.

Jamie (Louisville, NE)

Dr Hufstader started me on a treatment plan, and within a short period of time I could not believe the difference! I can actually enjoy life - I don't have to have Excedrin on me "just in case".

Steven (Weeping Water, NE)

After a week of chiropractic care and nutritional supplementation I saw significant improvement in my condition. Within 3 weeks, my hands were 90% better. After a few months my hands were the best they have been in the past 15 years!

Patti (Manley, NE)

The care I've received has made it possible for me to make plans ahead of time, which was very difficult when I suffered from migraines. I feel very fortunate that I read an article Dr. Hufstader wrote in the paper about headaches.

Mary C. (Avoca, NE)

After the first visit with Dr. Hufstader I felt as though he knew about my health problems before I told him how I felt. He told me what all I had going on. I couldn't help but feel comfortable as a patient and I am thankful that I started seeing Dr Hufstader.

Amanda U. (Papillion, NE)

I feel I have more energy and feel better about exercise now that I have less back pain. All around I feel much better! Since I have started taking the nutritional supplements and gone through my treatment my health has improved greatly!

Jim B. (Murdock, NE)

I have continued with his recommendation to this date and I feel quite a bit better. I see him less frequently now that his adjustments are taking shape. They don't have to be done as often. I know I'll never be 100% but to halt the negative progress and remain status quo is really my goal. I hope to remain so.

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