“Before I started going to Dr Hufstader, I was dealing with 3 or 4 headaches every week. Not just mild headaches, but severe enough that all I could do to make them go away was just go to bed. These had started quite a few years ago and had progressively gotten worse. It was ruining my days and nights, and I feared that my approaching wedding in Florida would for sure be ruined by a horrible headache. Dr Hufstader started me on a treatment plan, and within a short period of time I could not believe the difference! I can actually enjoy life – I don’t have to have Excedrin on me “just in case”. I am in front of a computer 9 hours a day at work, and though I am better now at taking breaks from the screen, I have yet to leave early due to a bad headache since getting chiropractic care. I can stay out late working in the yard or go out for supper with my friends and family and not be in bed nursing a headache – SO AWESOME!” – Jamie (Louisville, NE)

“I’ve suffered from chronic eczema for the past 25 years. I had been able to control it with steroid creams until about 1.5 years ago. At that time my skin got much worse. My hands were constantly dried and cracked with peeling skin. Steroid creams were not working anymore. After a week of chiropractic care and nutritional supplementation I saw significant improvement in my condition. Within 3 weeks, my hands were 90% better. After a few months my hands were the best they have been in the past 15 years! My eczema was severely inhibiting my ability to take part in my hobbies such as playing the guitar. It also effected my work.” – Steven (Weeping Water, NE)

“Before my chiropractic care with Dr Hufstader I had suffered from migraine headaches at least 3 times a day for the last 36 years! After starting my treatment plan I felt an immedate dfference. I have only had 2 minor headaches in the last two months. I don’t rely on my prescripotion medication anymore. The care I’ve received has made it possible for me to make plans ahead of time, which was very difficult when I suffered from migraines. I feel very fortunate that I read an article Dr. Hufstader wrote in the paper about headaches. I strongly feel Dr. Hufstader truly cares for his patients, and he is there to help them. I have always hoped to find a doctor to help me feel better, and I certanly do feel better thanks to Dr. Hufstader.” – Patti (Manley, NE)

“I was experiencing lower back pain, stiffness and low energy, plus thyroid problems. I felt a general feeling of exhaustion every day. After the first visit with Dr. Hufstader I felt as though he knew about my health problems before I told him how I felt. He told me what all I had going on. I couldn’t help but feel comfortable as a patient and I am thankful that I started seeing Dr Hufstader. I had recently been displaced from my job after 20 years and had started a cleaning business. As I returned home every day I would continually question myself as to whether or not I could do this new job every day due to my pain and lack of energy. Since my first adjustment, the lower back pain has disappeared! I am feeling so much better. Between starting supplements, some light exercise prescribed by Dr Hufstader and the adjustments I have enough energy to carry me through the day. It has changed my life! I have even lost 6 pounds! Before, I would starve myself, ride my bike and still gain weight instead of lose it. I can now enjoy life. Thank you so much Dr Hufstader!” – Mary C. (Avoca, NE)

“Before starting with Dr. Hufstader I had constant pain in my lower back to the point of having to get out of my truck when driving to walk around because of the pain. Depending on how I slept I would wake up with lower back pain and sometimes a stiff neck. “As of today I have not had to get out of the truck since I started my treatment with Dr. Hufstader. My lower back does not bother me and I rarely have pain. My neck also feels much better and I rarely wake up during the night because of pain. “I feel I have more energy and feel better about exercise now that I have less back pain. All around I feel much better! Since I have started taking the nutritional supplements and gone through my treatment my health has improved greatly!” – Amanda U. (Papillion, NE)

“I was experiencing muscle loss and a dull humming sensation in my right hand and arm. I went to my primary doctor who recommended that I have a nerve damage test done on my arm and hand. Having done so the results leaned toward a pinched nerve in my back and lower neck. The doctor’s recommendation was to wait and see if it got worse, then possible surgery. “My wife was already seeing Dr. Hufstader in Elmwood on a regular basis and has attended several of his lectures in the evenings; she suggested that I might want to talk to him. I was very skeptical as I’ve seen “bone crunchers” in the past and had very little success, and spent a significant amount of money. “First he did a patient profile on me and suggested that maybe, only MAYBE he could help. This seemed very reasonable to me as most other doctors said they could help but only wanted patients and money. Dr. Hufstader had me get x-rays. After reading them and some I already had done from the past, he suggested we try a spinal alignment and a vitamin therapy. I was again, very skeptical at this point but, he assure me that if it didn’t work I could “walk” and we’d still be friends. “Well I went ahead at first and got worse which he said would probably happen (no lies yet) then I started to notice the humming sensation wnet away, then the tingling stopped, my wrist started to feel better. To my astonishment I had to admit (at least to my wife) this guy might actually know something. “I have continued with his recommendation to this date and I feel quite a bit better. I see him less frequently now that his adjustments are taking shape. They don’t have to be done as often. I know I’ll never be 100% but to halt the negative progress and remain status quo is really my goal. I hope to remain so.” – Jim B. (Murdock, NE)

“On Monday, September 26, 2009 I woke up with a stiff neck. On Tuesday, my shoulder was hurting and I had pain going down my left arm. On Thursday, my fingers on my left hand felt numb and my neck was hurting so bad I tied a towel around my neck in hopes to temporarily relieve the pain and pressure. “I called my doctor’s office in Omaha to make an appointment. Evidently it was his “golf day” and his associates were also too busy to see me. I left work early and while driving home I decided to try Dr. Hufstader for an opinion. He examined my neck area and scheduled me the next day for an MRI. He was correct — a bulging disc in my neck was revealed. “I decided not to have surgery but rather see what Dr. Hufstader could do. I went to him two times a week and found relief! After one month of treatments I slowed down appointments to twice a month, then to once a month. I continue to have a treatment once a moth just to keep things straight. “I am so very glad I chose chiropractic adjustments over surgery. This was my very first experience with a chiropractor and I have enjoyed my relationship with Dr. Hufstader.” – Dan M. (Murdock, NE)